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We Honor Veterans Program

HomeCare Hospice is proud to announce our partnership with the We Honor Veterans program. By providing end of life care through hospice services throughout the state of MS where we serve our patients, we are honoring our country’s veterans in the most direct way we know: by employing veterans who have served our country in the armed forces and providing end of life care that accounts for the unique needs and culture of veterans.

The positive and negative effects of military service continue throughout a lifetime, affecting individuals’ psychological and physical health. HomeCare Hospice recognizes that the identity and experience of veterans impacts the type of care they need at the end of life and we have taken conscious measures to meet those needs; providing veteran-centered education for our staff and volunteers, we hope to ensure continually improving care out of respect to the veterans who proudly served in their time, and who we proudly serve now. Our message to our veterans is simple — you are not alone.

As a partner in the We Honor Veterans program, we honor our veterans’ preferences and are able to provide care at home. HomeCare Hospice provides all necessary medical equipment and supplies, as well as medications to ensure patient comfort. At the patient’s discretion, our nurses, home health aides, chaplains, and social work staff will make regular visits to the patient’s home. Patients are able to maintain dignity, reduce their out of pocket medical expenses, and eliminate unnecessary hospitalizations.

To best serve our patients, HomeCare Hospice staff is only a phone call away twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. We hope that you allow us to thank you for your service through our service with HomeCare Hospice.

“There comes a time when all the cutting-edge medicine in the world can’t cure the illness, treat the disease, or slow the aging process. It is at that point when our hospice and palliative care services stand as our last opportunity to thank America’s veterans, to provide them comfort and compassion, and to help them find peace…”
-Anthony Principi, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs