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HomeCare Hospice Volunteers Make a Difference

The volunteers at HomeCare Hospice make the work our full-time team members do possible. We are extremely appreciative of everything they do! Our hospice volunteers are the heart of HomeCare Hospice. In addition to the joy of serving others, you will be in a position to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to your fellow community members.

How Our Volunteers Serve our Patients and their Families

The primary role of our volunteers is to offer compassion and emotional support for patients and their families through friendship and companionship.

Some of the opportunities available for our trained hospice volunteers include:
Visits to our patients and their families
Reading literature
Accompanying or taking patients for walks
Writing meaningful letters
Sharing music, and much more!

To assist family members and caretakers alike, our volunteers are able to help with errands, minor household maintenance, or simply give them the opportunity to have some deserved time alone.

How our Volunteers Support our HomeCare Hospice Team

For a volunteer experience not directly related to patient care, some have had the opportunity to work alongside HomeCare Hospice’s full-time team members. Here, duties range from assisting as a group facilitator to serving refreshments, or helping with mailings to families. Some volunteers can help us serve our mission by helping our team in the office with administrative duties.

There is a place for you as a HomeCare Hospice to volunteer as an individual or as a group. Call today to learn how you can make a difference!

Volunteer Opportunities with HomeCare Hospice

If you, as a group or an individual, are interested in volunteering your time or resources, please let us know, by calling or emailing us through the form listed at the bottom of the page. Our teams are also available to visit organizations or groups and talk about the benefits of being a volunteer at HomeCare Hospice.

Volunteer Application