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“I feel so blessed with the wonderful care and love all of you gave to my cousin Roger Bigger. You simply were the highlight of his day with each visit. He loved you all very much. Your gentle love, care, and touch meant so much to him and me too. I only met a few of you as all of you are angels. Thank you for making Roger’s transition so peaceful. He is now with his mother. Will always love all of you.”


“HomeCare Hospice Team,

You all are definitely a wonderful team. You were great in all you did for Mr. Roy Brown’s family and also him. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Very very grateful. God bless you all.”

Mrs. Edith Brown and Families


“I am forever thankful for this facility and staff, as well as Home Care Hospice Staff who provides THE BEST CARE and who made this diversion for us possible.”


“Home Care Hospice Team,

Our family would like to thank you for the care that our mother was given while she was in Glenn Oaks Nursing Home. We could have not asked for better care. We will always remember your kindness.”


“Perhaps you sent a lovely card or sat quietly in a chair. Perhaps you sent a floral piece, if so we saw you there. Perhaps you spoke the kindest words, as any friend would say; Perhaps you were not there at all, just thought of us that day. Whatever you did to console our hearts, We thank you so much whatever the part.”


“Thank you to your staff for the care Momma received at MS Care Center. Thank you also for the beautiful plant.”


“During a time like this, we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us… Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Thank you for the beautiful plant!”



Thank you for your weekly visits with our residents and for bringing a smile to their faces when their glasses are sparkly clean! We appreciate you and your time shared with our residents and employees. God Bless You.”


“To Everyone at HCH,

I’m not sure what my mother was most excited about when she received her Christmas goodies. She immediately started working the puzzle and eating her treats. She was also happy to see everything else you gave her.

Thanks for the little extra touches you do. And especially thank you for the care you provide. We have been happy and pleased with everyone who has worked with us. I can’t thank you enough for the comfort I receive knowing my mother is being cared for properly. I wish you much success.”


“During such a difficult time, your kindness meant so much. Thank you for all your thoughtfulness and caring. I could not have done this without you.”


“Dear Chaplain,

Thank you and the team of nurses that took care of my brother, during his battle with cancer. Everyone was amazingly wonderful to him and our family!

Also, thank you for being with us during his final moments. We were blessed to have you near. Please share our appreciation and thankfulness for a job well done.”


“Rebecca and Kathy,

Words cannot express enough how much the beautiful assortment of plants and gorgeous pottery means to me! But not just that… Just seeing you two with these big gorgeous smiles on your faces showing your love and support at our special event was the BEST! You are two special “girls” with a light that shines bright. What an inspiration you are to the others!”


“HomeCare Hospice,

I am so grateful for the care that was provided to our mother in the last days. Words cannot express our gratitude for allowing her to have a peaceful transition from this life to the next. May God bless you all.”


“To all of you at HomeCare Hospice,

A shoulder to lean on, a sure, helping hand, patience, and kindness for each small demand. Smiles that are caring, words that are wise, a world that is seen with compassionate eyes… A heart makes to comfort, encourage, and cheer. It really is better just knowing you’re near! THANK YOU for all your special care. Thanks for always going the extra mile!”


“You are forever special to us!”

“Dear friends,
Thank you… for everything. Thank you for your love, care, help, support, encouragement, kindness, and quality care. Thank you not only for being with us but for becoming a part of our family as we all made this journey. It is critical that Hospice provides quality care and necessary to do it with compassion. You are forever special to us!”


“You were absolutely amazing.”

“Dear Tripp, Angell, Bethany, Janet, Ted, and Chris,
I can’t convey enough how much I appreciate all you did for [my husband and me]. I could never have brought him home without your help and guidance. Everyone was so caring and supportive, and I was able to have him at home where he wanted to be. That meant the world to us. [He] was so sick, but even then it was so hard to let go. You all are a very special group, and I thank God for your help. The peace lily is beautiful, and I appreciate you taking care of us during this difficult time. You were absolutely amazing.”


Hospice Testimonials“Thank you”

“Homecare Hospice,
It was so thoughtful of you to think of us during our time of grief. [She] was a blessing to everyone. Thank you for the beautiful flowers”


scan0003“Thanks to all of you.”

“We appreciate all your prayers and all that you all have did during the loss of our father. Thanks to all of you.”


“Daniel & Hospice Team,
Thank you so much for the plant and your care of mama in the last days. We will always be grateful.”


“Dear Terri,
My family joins me in sending many thanks to you for your loving care of my mother. Thank you for being available, for taking late night calls, for checking on us, and for making a special trip to buy special soap as Mom would bathe.”


“Dear Mr. Casada & Staff,
The services provided by HomeCare Hospice are invaluable. Your assistance during my mother’s illness and final days is greatly appreciated. God bless!”


“The gorgeous peace lily was such a wonderful gesture from your team that helped care for my husband. I appreciate all that April, Terry, Bethany, and Ted did to help with my family. I value the time spent with each of them. May God bless your work.”


“Dear Chaplain Walters,
Thank you and the team of nurses that took care of my brother during his battle with cancer. Everyone was amazingly wonderful to him and our family!
Also thank you for being with us during his final moments. We were blessed to have you near.
Please share our appreciation and thankfulness for a job well done.”


“Your kindness really made a difference. Your thoughtfulness really touched my heart. The gratitude I feel really can’t be put into words.”


“Thank you and all the staff that cared for my brother, may God bless you all for showing him your kindness.”


“To Daniel & Staff,
Just a small word, for such a big service. Thanks for your care, for one of the most important people to me, my mom – my friend. You were there, to help make her transition easy. Thank you for your care and concerns for me. You will always be remembered , continue to give as you have given to me, my mom, and my family.”


“Thank you and all the staff that cared for my brother, may God bless you all for showing him your kindness.”


“My family and I would like to simply say thank you, but how do you simply say thank you to those who mean so much, and those who have done so much. Gen. 12:3 says, “and I will bless them that bless you.
Again, thank you, and God bless you.”


“I thank my God every time I remember you!”


“A heartfelt thank-you for your kind expression of sympathy.”


“HomeCare Hospice South,
Thank you for the card and the beautiful plant, as well as your thoughts and prayers during our time of loss. We truly appreciate your love and support.”


“Thanks to all of you for the huge peace lily that you sent. Even more, thanks for your patience & loving care given during [her] last days. I only wish I’d asked for Hospice much sooner. It would have lifted my load so very much.”


“We want to thank you so very much for the beautiful potted plant!
We also want to say a big thank you for all your help with [her]. It was such a comfort to know that she was being taken care of by such a professional, dedicated and caring staff. Thanks again!”


“Thank you for the beautiful plant and love given to us during this time! Thank you for the card given to [him]!”


“All you’ve done will be remembered with the warmest thoughts and deepest appreciation.”


“Nurses are special… every single one! But this one specific nurse holds a special place in my heart! And has opened my eyes to how incredible Hospice is! She stood by my side and supported me and my family… she was there when my mother took her last breath. No, she didn’t have to be but she was… she took time out of her busy life to be there with us! She taught me so much… and I can’t thank her enough for the support! She knew exactly what to say in every situation and you made my Mother so comfortable and happy! Today I received a very special note and this adorable picture from her! The note made me cry… such sweet words! Thank you so much Tanya Thornton for everything you’ve done!! You’re an amazing person and I’m so glad we’ve gotten close during this time!!”


“The family of B. wishes to express our sincere thanks to all of our friends and family.
Over the past few years, many communities and family members have helped our family in numerous ways. We appreciate everything each of you has done…

A huge thank you goes out to two very special nurses, Dawn Ezelle, with StaHome, and Tanya Thornton, with HomeCare Hospice. We could not have asked for better nurses. Dawn was there during the times we were trying to restore Momma’s health. She encouraged us and motivated Momma to improve. Tanya was there when Momma decided to move to hospice care. She was there to talk us through what the future held and stood by our sides while our Momma took her last breath. She spent hours at Momma’s bedside to comfort those that were there, especially the children. This means so much to us all. We cannot thank you ladies enough for sharing this experience with us…

To everyone else that helped us during this tragedy, thank you for the calls, texts, prayers, gifts, food, hugs, cards, flowers, thoughts, and love! We love each and every one of you! Please continue to pray for our family as we continue to deal with our loss.”


Thank you hospice staff for all you did for Ms. PG.


“C. and I want to thank you for the care of our dear K.A. Please compliment A.B.for her excellent communication with us. She always kept us informed, which was so helpful since we could not visit. Also our compliments to Chaplain J. for his care and concern. Our best to you all, D.A.”


“Thank you so much for the care your staff gave to our brother during his last few days at Brandon Nursing and Rehab. We are especially grateful for updates on a regular basis and most of all the “face time” that I had with my brother just hours before he passed away.  -Ms. M.M.”


“Bethany, Paige, and Jessica especially….Words cannot express how thankful we are. -K.K. and Family”


“To Connie & Janet — Thank you for your tender loving care of my aunt. She has always felt better when you left.”


“To sweet Ashley—What would we have done without you? You were always able to take my calls, questions, or concerns. You went above and beyond to care for US. You were always a ray of hope and comfort.”


“To Ms. Linda — Thanks for making hospice an answer to a prayer. You all were a great team and I so appreciated all of your help!

-Mrs. S”


“Dear Courtney and Bethany,

Words cannot express our deepest thanks to HomeCare Hospice for the assistance provided by Ashley Griffith and Janet Reis in the recent death of our father. We will be forever grateful for their kindness and care shown to our parents. We are truly blessed to have had their assistance with our father, and continued care of our mother. Their compassion is to be commended!

With sincere appreciation,

K.E., S.S., and K.P.”


“Dear HomeCare Hospice,

Thank you for the beautiful plant you sent us during the recent passing of R’s father. Also, we want to express our deepest appreciation for the loving care provided during his last days. Your ministry is priceless and we will be forever grateful.


The K Family”


“I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU, for caring for our loved one, John Wayne Hill at New Albany Health & Rehab. Everyone that had a part in touching our lives during these past 4 weeks will never know the appreciation we have for each one. HomeCare Hospice of New Albany was truly a Godsend to us. Thank you again for ministering to us like family.

Mrs. A.H.J., daughter”


“A very sincere thank you to Home Care hospice for the care that was given to my mother. Your team treated her like she was their own mother, showing love and compassion to her and the family. I cannot remember all the names, but all of you know who was there. I do want to name one of our hometown nurses, Amy Byrd, when we first talked with her she informed us she was in the marketing department for the company, and officially her job was done, but she was at her mother’s house sometime more than once a day, not because she had to but she came on her time that she could have spent with her family. Most highly respect Home Care hospice.

Thank you, P.M.”


“We would like to thank the HomeCare Hospice staff for the great professional care and kindness they showed us during this time. “


“D’s family is also grateful to HomeCare Hospice and her hospice nurse, Michelle Shell, for the wonderful care she received from them over the last few months. “


“I want to thank everyone for all of the great care that was provided to Mama. I am so grateful for the great people that took care of her. Thank you so much, K.J.”


“To the staff at HomeCare Hospice – Thank you so much for the service you provided for our mother, W.L. It takes everyone working together as the soul ‘person’ of showing compassion and love for the patient you are caring for. Our crew: Bonnie and Kindale will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you from her children.”


“I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you guys at HomeCare Hospice for taking care of my grandmother while she was at home under hospice care. We couldn’t have had better care for her.” – S.H.


“Dear Lauren,

Thank you so much for love and caring for mom during the final weeks of her life. I appreciate the “calling” on your life to help others at the end of theirs. May God bless your staff and may God bless you and your family. ” -G.D.


“We would like to thank and all of the Hospice Staff for the love and care you have shown to Mom & Dad during their trying time. Mom’s illness came as such a shock. The cancer took her fast but without you all we could not have made it without you. The continued care you all show Daddy means the world to us all. ” Love R. & Family.


“Dear HomeCare, from our hearts to yours – Thank you for the flowers, love, and care ‘R’ and our family received the last days of her earthly life. We celebrate her everyday and remember her gracious, loving spirit. Lovingly, the family of ‘R’. Thank you, Mandy and Marquis!”


“Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Hope you know how very much you’re appreciated and what a difference you made. Thank you from the family of C. I. Thanks to everyone who helped with my mother’s care.” – R.W. & Family


“Dear Friends of HomeCare Hospice, we are counting you among our blessings as you cared for our family member, C.S, who passed September 21, 2022, at the long-term care facility in Hattiesburg. J and I are so very grateful for your team of skilled individuals who gave C.S. special love and care as she approached the end of her life. We thank God for each of you and all the great work you do for others. A special thank you to Brandi Odom and Pastor Jefcoat. Sincerely, J & J.S.”


My Daddy was put on Hospice on August 25th and passed away on September 5. Even though y’all were with us for a short time everyone was so nice. They treated us like family. On behalf of our family we thank y’all for everything. – D.A.


The family of V.W. acknowledge heartfelt gratitude to the staff at HomeCare Hospice who were involved in her care during the last few weeks of her life. WE would also thank the nurses who updated us often since Mother was Bedford Alzheimer’s Center instead of at home. Because of the frequent checks on her condition including late night and early morning visits she was able to have a peaceful passing as we prayed that she would. The pastor and social worker who we met are also special people.